Python & Coding.

I enjoy working in html, css, php, mysql and python. I don’t pretend to be a programmer but can work with existing material and build basic apps and programs from scratch.


This is a complete flask/python web app that searches several boat for sale sites and returns aggregated results for different regions.

The app is hosted using gunicorn on a Google Cloud virtual server .

Boat log

A python script that searches emails and auto posts contents to an online boat log .

Log Entry
Trip notes here.
At 04/24/2020 10:40 (pdt) our position was 49°50.1068′N,124°31.6473’W
Destination: Desolation Sound
From: Smuggler Cove
To: Lund
Distance: 0

Emails that are sent in a proper format are automatically added to a mysql database to be displayed on the boatlog website.

Calibre Book Journal

A python script that scrapes a local copy of Calibre-Web and returns a “read” book list in the form of a markdown file, which is in turn posted on a wordpress blog organized by year.