php, Python & Coding.

I enjoy working in html, css, php, mysql and python. I don’t pretend to be a programmer but can work with existing material and build basic apps and programs from scratch.


This is a complete flask/python web app that searches several boat for sale sites and returns aggregated results for different regions.

The app is hosted using gunicorn on a Google Cloud virtual server .

Boat log

A python script that searches emails and auto posts contents to an online boat log .

Log Entry
Trip notes here.
At 04/24/2020 10:40 (pdt) our position was 49°50.1068′N,124°31.6473’W
Destination: Desolation Sound
From: Smuggler Cove
To: Lund
Distance: 0

Emails that are sent in a proper format are automatically added to a mysql database to be displayed on the boatlog website.

Calibre Book Journal

A python script that scrapes a local copy of Calibre-Web and returns a “read” book list in the form of a markdown file, which is in turn posted on a wordpress blog organized by year.

Research Survey

A php/mysql site that was used to collect research data. It featured, user management, user email invitations, custom input types, question management and various reports.

BlackBoard Quiz Maker

The Blackboard LMS (Learning Management System) allows for imported quizzes. This php/mysql site allows quizes to be built off-line and then imported into blackboard. It features multiple question types and an export feature.